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Inroduction of Project


“The Window of the world” the activity to assist the impoverished students

沈阳市沈河区朱剪炉街道社会组织服务中心推出系列民生服务项目《“世界之窗”国际助学项目》。项目将以中心为牵头单位,由沈阳市沈河区365 体育怎样的是真的_365体育怎么上不去了_365bet体育在线世界杯志愿者协会负责与国际志愿者对接为辖区内低保家庭、来外农民工子女中小学生提供精准的教育扶贫志愿服务,通过国际支教志愿者与本地区域内的初高中、小学生进行英语交流、支教活动,达到孩子们参与第二课堂公平教育的目的。


Ju Jianlu community center of Shen He district in Shenyang City as a social organization service center launch series service of the people's livelihood project " the window of the world" the activity to assist the impoverished students. Ju Jianlu community center as the lead unit, east community volunteer association of Shenhe District take responsible for the dock with the international volunteer, to provide accurate education poverty alleviation volunteer service for primary and middle school students of low income families, migrant children within their respective jurisdictions. Through the international volunteer’s communication and teaching activities in English with these children, achieve the final goal is all the children could get fair and participate in the second class in education.



Children’s English speaking skills get improved through the project, at the same time get living support by those lovely people who has good heart, donated clothes、school supplies and so on,

These reduce the economic pressure of low-income families in a certain extent, and also help children grow healthily.


Uninterrupted creating happiness family activities and combining current situation of the migrant children family、urban and rural subsistence allowances, donated supplies, household items (clothing, shoes and hats, scarves, scholarships and other educational way for poverty alleviation to helping students.




1、To recruit outstanding migrant workers' children and students from the low-income family join into the second English class, the international volunteer provide the public free class for them, system study primary school English, spoken language, phonetics and basic English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability that emphasized the international volunteer service spirit, and also narrow the gap in the extracurricular education caused between rich and poor, to achieve the effect of education volunteer service precision poverty alleviation work;


2、To recruit outstanding Junior and high school students of the low-income family in Shenyang areas that help students understand and open a world’s door. let the students through communicate with international volunteers and foreign high school students, meanwhile can improve the English level of the domestic high school courses and also self learning ability.



一、 国内愿意参与义务奉献支持“世界之窗”国际助学项目爱心人士都可以加入到志愿者行列,没有年龄、性别限制;

1、Willing to join the project of "the window of the world" for international students in China, obligation to offer support the project, we always welcome loving people to join us as volunteer group, there is no limit to the age, sex;




1、You can provide project stationery: pencil, eraser, exercise books, whiteboard teaching (for teaching and children use only);


2、You can provide rain gear for the projects: umbrellas, raincoats (when a rainy day volunteers and kids use only) back and forth;


3、You can provide free dinner for the projects: mainly focused on the children after school and international volunteers after work just directly from workplace to teaching field;


4、You can provide clothes for the projects: mainly focused on Migrant workers' children and students from the low-income family, age between 7-12 years old.


About us

沈阳市沈河区365 体育怎样的是真的_365体育怎么上不去了_365bet体育在线世界杯志愿者协会成立于2011年3月15日。协会是经沈河区民政局批准的合法公益志愿者社团组织。是以推动社区志愿者服务工作为己任,以“建设和谐社会、幸福社区”为活动思想指针,遵守宪法、法律、法规和国家政策,倡导奉献、友爱、互助、进步的志愿者精神,通过开展志愿服务活动,为需要帮助的社会成员提供志愿服务;促进多层次社会保障体系的完善;倡导良好的社会风气;提高青少年的思想道德素质和科学文化素质,为构建社会主义幸福社区服务。

The east community volunteer association of Shenhe district in Shenyang province was founded on March 15th, 2011. Association is approved by Shenhe district civil affairs bureau of legal public welfare volunteer organizations is to promote the community volunteer service work as own duty, in order to "build a harmonious society, happiness community" thought Pointers for activities, abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and state policies, advocating dedication, love, mutual aid and progress of the volunteer spirit, through the volunteer service activities, provide voluntary services to need help members of society; to promote the improvement of the multi-level social security system; advocate the good social atmosphere; improve teenagers' ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities, to build socialism happiness community service.

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